2004 Top 10 List

Robert McNeill (Country Teasers)
    Enjoyed 2004 releases from Bedroom Guitars, Monoshock, Spinmaster Plantpot, Liars, 16 Bitch Pile-Up / Sword Heaven, People Like Us, Liars, The Intelligence, Excepter, Sublime Frequencies and other things I've forgo or not yet heard (Ceramic Hobs, where can I find your "Shergar Is Safe At Home"???), however this is a LIVE list:

    Favorite live things about 2004:

    > Spinmaster Plantpot @ The Catch, London

    > Peter Sotos @ Subtonic, Manhattan

    > The Intelligence @ Shahin's, Brooklyn

    > Eugenio Sanna @ Circolo Territoriale Montemagno, Pisa

    > Sharon Gal @ King & Queen, London

    > Knifestorm & Unicorn Hard On @ Northsix, Brooklyn

    > Services @ Gavin Brown's, Manhattan and Wolf Eyes @ Northsix, Brooklyn -- both of these acts are ready to be playing mid-size stadiums

    > David Berezan mixing his "Baoding" for 8 channels, City University, London

    > INTESTINAL FORTITUDE GOLD MEDAL: Nautical Almanac, Northsix, Brooklyn

    > INTESTINAL FORTITUDE SILVER MEDAL: Pistons in Five! They said a vote against L.A. did not equal a vote for Detroit but they did not have all the facts. Only mar on the series was failure of obvious "Give Chaunce a Piece" chant to materialize in the bleachers; sportswriters wishing to purchase this phrase for use in 2005 columns please email bids to: the invisible hand at gmail dot com

    Happy 2005 everyone

    hi mom I'm on the radio ::)

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