2004 Top 10 List

roy styles (brasilia, other music)
  • love is all - "make out, fall out..." (what's yr rupture)
  • animal collective - "sung tongs" (fat cat)
  • v/a - "rough trade indiepop 1"
  • destroyer - "your blues" (merge)
  • the double - "palm fronds" (catsup plate)
  • wrangler brutes - "zulu" (wrangler brutes)
  • dungen - "Ta Det Lugnt" (subliminal sounds)
  • growing - "SOUL OF THE RAINBOW AND THE HARMONY OF LIGHT" (animal disguise)
fast forward live @ the woodser
animal collective live
after breaking my heelbone, re-learning how to walk.

A prediction for next year: indiepop will be the new folk (or post-punk)

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