2004 Top 10 List

Max Tremblay (No Moms Allowed)
  1. v/a - "Letters from the Landfill" (Left Off the Dial)
  2. Challenger - "Give People What They Want in Lethal Doses" (Jade Tree)
  3. Scholastic Deth - "Final Examiner" (625 Thrashcore)
  4. Clorox Girls - "s/t" (Smart Guy)
  5. The Hold Steady - "Almost Killed Me" (French Kiss)
  6. Two Gallants - "The Throes" (Alive)
  7. Fleshies - "Gung Ho!" (Life Is Abuse)
  8. Fucked Up - "Epics in Minutes" (Deranged)
  9. Holy Ghost Revival - "Beast with Two Backs" (self-released)
  10. No Hope for the Kids - "Das Reich" (Backwards Masking)
props: the soviettes

One word to describe 2004: shank'd.

A prediction for next year: next year's top ten: this is my fist LP, the ovens LP, abi yo yos LP, holy ghost revival LP, against me's major label debut (HA!).

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