2004 Top 10 List

Lawrence Lui (Astralwerks)
  • DJ Signfy - "Sleep No More"
  • Circlesquare - "Pre-Earthquake Anthem"
  • Soaud Massi - "Deb"
  • Ghost - "Hypnotic Underworld"
  • Junior Boys - "Exit"
  • Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - "Black Earth"
  • Danger Mouse - "The Grey Album"
  • Dogs Die In Hot Cars - "Please Describe Yourself"
  • Black NASA - "Deuce"
  • Liars - "They Were Wrong So We Drowned"
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Air, Libertines, Fantomas, Nellie McKay, Animal Collective, Brian Wilson, Kanye West, Masta Killa, Bjork, Isis, My Morning Jacket, Loretta Lynn, 'Lif Up Yu Leg an Trample' Compilation.

One word to describe 2004: blogosphere

A prediction for next year: I'm going to have to learn what 'blogosphere' means.

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