2004 Top 10 List

Daniel Piotrowski (High Two Recordings)
  1. Sufjan Stevens - "Seven Swans" (Sounds Familyare)
  2. Clinic - "Winchester Cathedral" (Domino)
  3. Reigning Sound - "Too Much Guitar" (In the Red)
  4. Modest Mouse - "Good News for People Who Like Bad News" (Epic)
  5. Loretta Lynn - " Van Lear Rose" (Interscope)
  6. Welcome the Plague Year - "Welcome the Plague Year" (Turnstile)
  7. Wovenhand - "Consider the Birds" (Sounds Familyare)
  8. Devendra Banhart - "Rejoicing in the Hands" (Young God)
  9. Joel R.L. Phelps Downer Trio - "Customs" (Moneyshot)
  10. Graham Smith - "Final Battle" (March)
Obviously also loved: Dave Burrell Full-Blown Trio, Sonic Liberation Front, A Cricket in Times Square.
Honorable mentions: Mark Lanegan Band, Q And Not U, Iron & Wine, the other Devendra Banhart CD, Matthew Shipp, The Walkmen, Mountain Goats, Usher, Isaiah Owens...
Box Sets: Shrimp Boat *Something Grand*, *Goodbye Babylon*, Albert Ayler *Holy Ghost*, Guided by Voices *Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine -- Bee Thousand: The Director's Cut*, Cooper-Moore *5 x 7*

One word to describe 2004: expensive

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