2004 Top 10 List

Nick Bensen (Solo artist/Free City Media editor/producer)
  • A Is Jump - "My Ice-Fingered Ghost" (Future Apple Tree)
  • AqPop - "Beautifully Smart" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me/35g)
  • The Bevis Frond - "Hit Squad" (Woronzow/Rubric)
  • John Frankovic - "Space Zombie" (Brainticket)
  • Guided by Voices - "Half Smiles of the Decomposed" (Matador)
  • Moon Trotskij - "I Fell But Andromeda Rose To The Stars" (Goddamn I'm A Countryman)
  • Octopus Syng - "Beyond The Karmadelic Coldness, There's The Lovadelic Warmth" (SoundHawk)
  • Robert Pollard - "Fiction Man" (Luna/Fading Capt. Series)
  • The Sand Pebbles - "Ghost Transmissions" (Raoul)
  • Tungsten 74 - "Aleatory Element" (Technical Echo)
Comeback of the year: Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman Times (Pitch-A-Tent)

Reissue: Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Matador)

One word to describe 2004: Disquieting

A prediction for next year: The pendulum will swing

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