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2004 Top 10 List

Karl Bauer (Axolotl)
  1. Arthur Russell - "World of Echo Re-Issue"
  2. Boredoms - "Sea Drum"
  3. Animal Collective - "Sung Tongs"
  4. Konono No 1 - "Lubuaku"
  5. Kemialliset Ystavat - "Alkuharka"
  6. Mouthus - "Loam"
  7. Terrestrial Tones - "Blasted"
  8. Musica Dispersa - "S/T Re-Issue"
  9. Gang Gang Dance - "S/T" (Fusetron)
  10. Sightings - "Arrived in Gold"
Joanna Newsome live
Yellow Swans live
Harry Merry at Grandma's House
Reinhard Voigt at Club 6
Christmas jam with Mouthus
Michael C Ruppert-Crossing the Rubicon
Daniel Pinchbeck's Here and Now column
Gary Webb RIP

A prediction for next year: I hope the dollar hangs on long enough for me to go on tour!

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