2004 Top 10 List

matt valentine (tower recordings & child of microtones)
  • valerie webb & paul labrecque - "trees, chants and hollers" (wooden finger)
  • tan as fuck - "heavier than excitement" (vanishing records)
  • glenn jones - "this is the wind that blows it out" (strange attractors)
  • vibracathedral orchestra - "untitled 2 LP" (private press)
  • joe jones - "fluxus aint dead" (no label)
  • wooden wand & the vanishing voice - "xiao" (destijl)
  • paivansade - "puhalluspelto" (eclipse)
  • the hototogisu - "floating gardens" (destijl)
  • peter brotzmann/han bennink - "still quite popular after all those years" (eremite/bro records)
  • dredd foole - "kissing the contemporary bliss" (child of microtones)
erika and I spent a great deal of time with the impeccable films of theo angell, kemialliset ystavat sides, earl hines 78's, the well needed reissue of the relatively clean rivers LP, the retrospective maze of ali akbar khan and robbie basho in our record collection while embroidering the

One word to describe 2004: blakean

A prediction for next year: music is forever

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