2004 Top 10 List

Matthew Smith (Outrageous Cherry)
  1. Erika Hoffmann/Chad Gilchrist - "Must Musings" (Abundance Records)
  2. Black Lips - "We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow" (Bomp)
  3. Nathaniel Mayer - "I Just Want to be Held" (Fat Possum)
  4. Guided By Voices - "Half Smiles of the Decomposed" (Matador)
  5. A.C. Newman - "The Slow Wonder" (Matador)
  6. Destroy All Monsters - "Live in Tokyo and Osaka 1996" (Compound Annex)
  7. Diamanda Galas - "La Serpenta Canta" (Mute)
  8. Stereolab - "Margerine Eclipse" (Elektra)
  9. Ghost - "Hypnotic Underworld" (Drag City)
  10. Doug Gillard - "Salamander" (Pink Frost)
Other essential stuff:
FACES-Five Guys Walk into a Bar (box set)
JOBRIATH-Lonely Planet Boy (FINALLY a reissue of this guy's stuff!)
MC5 - A True Testimonial DVD (pulled out of circulation due to a legal dispute - best rockumentary you've ever never seen!!!)

P.S. the MUST MUSINGS record is a 2004 private pressing LP from Detroit- an acid folk masterpiece of the highest order. I'm not exaggerating!

One word to describe 2004: totalitarian

A prediction for next year: the revolution will not be televised

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