2011 Top 10 List

Julianne Wagner (Group Therapy)
    Zomes Earth Grid
    Birds Names Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun
    John Maus We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
    The Sandwitches Mrs. Jones' Cookies
    K-Holes K-Holes
    Quilt Quilt
    The Skull Defekts Peer Amid
    Disappears Guider
    The Beach Boys The SMiLE Sessions
    Weyes Blood The Outside Room
    Baby Woodrose Mindblowing Seeds and Disconnected Flowers
    Purling Hiss Lounge Lizards
    Apache Dropout Apache Dropout
    Amen Dunes Through Donkey Jaw
    Grouper A / A: Alien Observer
    Peaking Lights 936
    Ela Orleans/Dirty Beaches Double Feature

    A prediction for next year: brain carousel

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