2011 Top 10 List

Aaron K (The Sound Between)
    Angus Maclise 'Dreamweapon' LPs on Boo-Hooray,
    Artur Zmijewski 'Singing Lesson',
    Af Ursin 'Aika',
    Hobo Sonn 'Wary the Mind,'
    George 'Toet' Smits LP on Ultra Eczema,
    Key of Shame s/t,
    Heather Leigh 'Posing For A New Role',
    Omar S 'It Can Be Done But...',
    Che Chen 'Pulaski Wave' 7",
    These Trails reissue on Drag City,
    Carlfriedrich Claus & Hartmut Geerken 'Einem Luftigen Akustischen Kosmos Entgegen',
    Call Back the Giants 'The Rising',
    Rodger Stella 'Kosmische Dub + Reich/Riley',
    Louise Landes Levi 'City of Delirium',
    Conrad Schnitzler 'Live 72' on Further,

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