2011 Top 10 List

Jonathan W (NAS (alum))
    andrew chalk - violins by night
    wild flag - wild flag
    andy stott - passed me by/we stay together
    kyle bobby dunn - ways of meaning
    ty segal - goodbye bread
    grouper - dream loss/alien observer
    meg baird - seasons on earth
    big troubles - romantic comedy
    nicholas szczepanik - please stop loving me
    cave - neverendless
    raspberry bulbs - nature tries again
    idea fire company - music from the impossible salon
    shabazz palaces - black up
    barn owl - lost in the glare/shadowland
    black eagle child - lobelia
    kwjaz - kwjaz
    cindytalk - hold everything dear
    metal mountains - golden trees
    richard youngs - amplifying host
    steve hauschildt - tragedy and geometry
    yob - atma
    charalambides - exile
    the renderers - a rocket into nothing
    v/a - its not the spaces you know but between them

    While it is useless to predict what the music critics of the future will decide what was important in 2011, here are some records I really liked and think more people should listen to. They aren't what I thought were the most zeitgesity (although a few certainly are), but what I personally thought was great. Each one of these albums brought me immense joy over the past year, and I hope you, dear reader, find something new and wonderful. Unnumbered, in random order.

    One word to describe 2011: hard

    A prediction for next year: heavy

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