2012 Top 10 List

Tyler Maxin (Blissfully Ignorant)
  1. Trixie's Big Red Motorbike - "All Day Long Bliss" (Self-released)
  2. Happy Jawbone Family Band - "The Silk Pistol" (Night People)
  3. Various Artists - "The African Guitar Box " (Mississippi Records)
  4. Cool Quartet With Lina Nyberg Featuring √Čric La Casa - "Dancing in Tomelila" (Hibari)
  5. Michael Pisaro / Toshiya Tsunoda - "Crosshatches" (Erstwhile)
  6. Cleaners From Venus - "Blow Away Your Troubles / On Any Normal Monday / Midnight Cleaners " (Captured Tracks)
  7. Las Malas Amistades - "Maleza" (Honest Jon's)
  8. Various Artists - "Indonesia Pop Nostalgia" (Sham Palace)
  9. Pity Sex - "Dark World " (Run For Cover)
  10. The Middle Ones - "Slow and Steady" (Stitch-Stitch)
actually forgot I was a DJ, so i'm also listed as a "listener". i like to think of myself as a wnyu listener first and foremost anyway.

One word to describe 2012: quiet (-:

A prediction for next year: quieter?

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