2012 Top 10 List

Donnie Donilon (NYC )
    Top Ten Albums (no order dood)
    Sore Eyelids-Sore Eyelids (Self Released)
    Baader Brains -New Era Hope Colony (Clean Plate Records)
    Bedroom Eyes -What Are You Wrong With (Self Released)
    Merchandise-Children of Desire (Karatoga Works)
    Suis La Lune- Riala (Topshelf Records)
    Alex G-Trick (Self Released)
    Everyone Everywhere-Everyone Everywhere (Topshelf Records)
    Pity Sex- Dark World (Run For Cover)
    Loma Prieta- I.V. (Deathwish)
    SQRM- Rodeo LP

    Honorable Mentions:
    Have A Nice Life- Deathconsciousness
    tongue- ///
    Hoax- Hoax 7"
    Warsawwasraw- Chaajoth EP
    Lightning Bolt- Earthly Delights
    New Breeders- New Breeders
    Reaching Away- Push Away The Moon
    Anne- Dream Punx
    Airs- Gloomlights
    Loud?- Connections

    One word to describe 2012: stoked

    A prediction for next year: Shoegaze rip off bands and snotty hardcore are going to be trendy again...

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