2012 Top 10 List

Jolie (Crucial Chaos)
  • swearin' - "swearin' LP"
  • tronics - "love backed by force reissue"
  • creem - "creem 12"
  • C.R.A.S.H. - "war on all fronts 7"
  • siamese twins - "in a box 7"
  • salvation - "house of the beating hell EP"
  • panzram/shoppers - "split 7"
  • moss icon - "discography reissue"
  • total trash - "demo"
  • tollund men - "looking for love 7"
i didn't really listen to or care about punk music too much in 2012 but i do think this was a great year for top 40 and radio rap. hot 97 was really on point these past few months as the 2nd best radio station in the world (second, obviously, to wnyu 89.1) and i really enjoyed everything from the summer jams to the winter mix. my favorite rapper lil wayne was featured on some amazing tunes and 'right above it,' 'i want this shit forever' and 'pop that' all fucking ruled. i also really delved into the latin top 40 scene and fell in love with the songs 'pegadito suavecito' by fito blanko, 'duty love' by my fave dude don omar feat nati natasha which i guess came out last year but was on the radio a million times in 2012 so i am counting it for that as well as pitbull's 'if i catch you' which is a remix to that great portuguese song by michael telo which ruled the world in 2012. other top 40 honorable mentions in the pop sphere go out to ke$ha who is my absolute queen, ellie goulding, rihanna, and- believe it or not- tswift. i wasn't into taylor at all until red came out and wnyu program director anna duensing played me 'we are never ever getting back together' and i fell in love, followed by 'i knew you were trouble' which is blessing the airwaves at the moment. oh also 'call me maybe' was obviously the #1 pop sensation and pretty much kept me from jumping off a cliff this summer and therefore overall best song of 2012 and if you disagree then you probably have no soul or understanding of good music xoxo

One word to describe 2012: weezy

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